The Fairy Tales Gate - Damascus Gate

Joseph Meir Jimmy and Ori Ben Shabat
Bank Yahav Green Trail Site number 21

The entrance to the world of the creatures of the magical woods.

Behind the gate waits a magical world: a world of hobits, fairies, elfs and unicorns.

The gate allows the audience to take a pick to the world of those wonderful creatures whom on their side, invites us for a visit.


Joseph Meir Jimmy is a video and animation artist, involved in the film and television industy in israel and abroad.

While also being involved in the israeli music scene, yossi tends to deal a lot with the connection between sound and visuals, imagination and reality.

The creator of the installations "Ori" and "what do the trees do at night" on former jerusalem light festivals on 2009 and 2010.


Ori Ben Shabat is an interdisciplinary visual artist who's deeply involved in the VFX world - constantly observing and exploring the relationships between sound/music and visual imagery.


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